Establishing this institute in 2002, Patrick Mwangi’s business had grown to several ventures in Hospitality Services, including a beauty institute, guest hotel, restaurant, college hostels and catering. In 2007 this growth-oriented business was on a US$142,000 run-rate for annual turnover.  He generally employed 25 people full-time. Patrick has a business background and a university degree.  With such established qualifications, Paul was a good candidate for TechnoServe’s Upscaling program.

The most significant barriers to Mountain Top Institute’s growth included a lack of knowledge on the individual success of each specific business venture.  This was due to co-mingled bookkeeping as well as lack of strategic vision and planning to know when/how to expand his multifaceted businesses.  From September 2006 through February 2007, TechnoServe initiated the following interventions which were then handed over to Mountain Top staff: bookkeeping, stock-keeping processes, and clearly defined and established management per business.  Additionally, TechnoServe helped Mountain Top Institute via strategy development and web design consultants with the aid of financial linkages and website development for better marketing to potential customers.

By Mid-2007 Patrick Mwangi separated Mountain Top Institute’s formerly complicated business with clearly defined management, finances and stock-keeping.  His hotel business became profitable and enabled him to contribute some of his profits along with a loan of Ksh. 3,000,000 (US$425,000) to purchase an adjacent plot of land for future expansion.  Patrick was implementing his website as well as following a strategic workplan, meeting key milestones and objectives realizing his potential for growth. Mountain Top’s monthly turnover grew by 13% or US$1,440 with 50% or US$720 attributable to TechnoServe interventions.  The Institute was then employing up to 55 people during peak activities as compared to a maximum of 40 before changes assisted by the Upscaling Project.  Mr. Mwangi is a risk-taker who is high-involved with the daily operations of Mountain Top, having clear goals for each department of his multifaceted organization of businesses.