Success Stories

Developing countries where the Walleighs have lived or visited have entrepreneurial spirit just as developed countries do. These entrepreneurs have many more challenges to face in their small businesses, in urban areas and especially in rural regions. TechnoServe is helping farmers become entrepreneurs in operating as cash-crop businesses and not just relying on subsistence living. Sometimes TechnoServe works with agricultural processors (e.g., grain mills) to enable hundreds of smallholder farmers to efficiently process their crops. Sometimes it links cooperatives to markets. And TechnoServe is definitely assisting urban entrepreneurs to expand their horizons. It is this entrepreneurial spirit in Africa and Latin America that is the foundation for hope and excitement for the future.

Kenya Successes: Popular Kikoi Cloth Company

Starting in 2008, for its Phase Two program, TechnoServe’s Young Women in Enterprise (YWE) was considering how to identify businesses in which to place the young women in internships so they would learn both the soft and hard skills of employment. Through local...