Approximately 10% of Kenya’s population lives in Nairobi, population 4 million–about 4 times the total population of Swaziland. It sprawls over many miles with the characteristics of any major city in the world, consisting of the same contrasts of poverty, traffic, and crime vs. modern buildings, civilized neighborhoods, and cosmopolitan choices in food. Rick and Wendy had visited Nairobi in 1997 during their first safari adventure. When they settled down to live there in 2007, initially Nairobi didn’t look and feel much different from their first, brief visit. However, during their year-long stay, it became clear how much had changed. Of course touring vs. living in a city or country is very different. By 2007 many parts of Nairobi had entered the Internet/Mobile Phone age, and had become entrepreneurial, more Westernized, and generally more sophisticated.

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