Thank you everyone, for your support in the month since our book launch! Especially to those who bought our book and are spreading the word about us Baby Boomers taking on the challenge of living in Africa for second careers. Just today we received a positive review by recognized expert on life transitions and eldercare, Bart Astor! The future is looking bright for media and event activities, including: interviews that will become podcasts; another community TV spot, articles in other local newspapers and alumni magazines, as well as placement in a couple of local bookstores with speaking events.

And please REMEMBER to write reviews on Amazon as well as Good Reads—a couple of you have already! All those reviews lift our Amazon ranking which increases sales, in turn raising our royalty contributions to TechnoServe’s Business Solutions to Poverty. Activities to date include:

  • Find our book’s review from Bart Astor, a recognized expert in life’s transitions and eldercare. He’s the author of the Washington Post Bestseller, AARP Roadmap for the Rest of Your Life and has appeared on numerous TV and radio shows such as ABC’s “Good Morning America” and PBS “Marketplace.”
  • Now view our TV interview on “Bay Area Vista” by host and producer Janice Edwards online at YouTube or Bay Area Vista.
  • Read “Retired…Said Who” on Huff Post Tech by Denise Wilbanks captures our interview in writing and “video.”
  • Visit the link to the Los Altos Town Crier article with lots of pictures!
  • Share a couple of Book Giveaways: Library Thing website has an eBook giveaway contest until 21 May—especially good for our international friends. Another paperback giveaway is running at The Celebrity Café running through May 27. Our Good Reads book giveaway ended in early May and gave us good visibility.
  • See the book’s listing at BeeZee Books as well as Microcerpt’s page for us! The latter is a site that promotes authors “Through a Universe of Excerpts” to reviewers, readers, and other authors.
  • Catch the TechnoServe blog about our book. A major promotion to its donors is underway.
  • Please visit our regularly-updated website.

*If you own our book as a couple, remember that both of you can write a review!!!