We are thrilled that TechnoServe’s expertise in coffee is not only recognized by its partners like Nespresso and retailers like Peets but now even George Clooney appreciates them! There’s a wonderful Time magazine article about this beneficial partnership. According to the Time article, “the nexus of celebrity, cause, and commerce” with Nespresso’s South Sudan project is “to build the coffee industry from the ground up…[where TechnoServe is helping] train farmers in sustainable growing practices, and helping locals set up basic processing miles and sales cooperatives.” There are quotes from TechnoServe CEO’s Will Warshauer, Nespresso’s Director of Creating Shared Value, and George Clooney. We are so proud to be affiliated with this amazing organization that creates “Business Solutions to Poverty” in places like South Sudan. Please go to TechnoServe’s website for more details.