We traditionally think of CEOs as heading small to large corporations and organizations. But TechnoServe is redefining what CEO can mean by empowering budding entrepreneurs to establish businesses that can employee many people in their communities and to help farmers to create cash crops that can be run like businesses. These folks are the CEOs that contribute to improved economies in the developing world. That is TechnoServe’s mission: create business solutions to alleviate poverty.

So when you are considering your end of the year donations and gifts for friends and family, thing about donating to TechnoServe who each year helps thousands in Africa, Latin America and India to build sustainable livelihoods that positively 9-12Walleigh full coverimpact their families, communities and countries. And please buy our book to benefit TechnoServe through Amazon and any online book retailer, or at Books Inc. Mountain View and Palo Alto and Orinda Books. AND then review it.

 Again, thank you for helping us successfully launch From Silicon Valley to Swaziland in 2015. Happy, healthy holidays!