Because TechnoServe is the reason Rick and I volunteered abroad in Africa, we are thrilled that they are excited about our book. TechnoServe’s blog  covers their interview with us on our experiences living and working on their projects in Mbabane, Swaziland and Nairobi, Kenya. 

When Rick considered his career change, TechnoServe’s “Business Solutions to Poverty” really appealed to him because their business-based approach is analytical, well-planned, and results-oriented, which were themes in his previous work-life.  Their Volunteer Consultant (VolCon) program enabled both of us to apply all of our business and personal skills to have impact on their clients and their agricultural and small business projects.  

Many of you, our fellow boomers, have similar skills that you take for granted.  It is amazing how truly valuable these capabilities are to the people who don’t have them.  From Silicon Valley to Swaziland encourages you–whether you are in or approaching retirement–to utilize what has made you successful thus far and then apply those skills and experiences to a new career that is socially-beneficial, inspires your passions and challenges you.  But wherever find your opportunities, locally, regionally or internationally: be adventurous, have fun, and feel good about yourself while you are doing something good for the world!