An excellent article by Marc Miller for a recent Sixtyandme newsletter addresses the fact that many of us have innate talents and separately, have successfully developed specific skills based on knowledge, practice, or aptitude that is learned.  But what if we Boomers are tired of using some of the skills that we are good at?

strengthsMiller suggests ways to determine how to leverage the skills with which we want to move forward as well as our talents, so we Boomers can find a more fulfilling path to an encore career. “Build a list of all of your skills. You will probably need help from… friends, family, and colleagues,” Miller advises and then list “What am I good at What are my strengths?…Create two lists of skills. One with skills based on your innate talents and one where they are not.”

Don’t be limited to your work skills and talents. Think back even to your youth, when you enjoyed something or were complimented on something you did.  Once you develop a list that is based on your talents, skills and evolving interests, you’ll be able to start researching both paid and nonpaid activities, opportunities, and organizations that could set you on a path to a satisfying encore career.