It’s so refreshing to learn about how our boomer-peers are keeping vibrant.  And the more of us that join this “unretiring” movement, or creating our own encore careers, the better off our economy will be!

From article by Chris Farrell in Money Magazine (posted 2/27/15)

On a public radio show I was on, a Wyoming, Minn. caller named Rick said that after he retired from being a school counselor and decided he wasn’t ready “for the rocking chair,” he picked up a job as a driver. He loves it, especially the flexibility. “I am retired, but I’m not retired,” he said.

How’s this for an Unretirement job pitch? “If you consider yourself ‘Older & Bolder,’ you are retired or planning on retiring, and are looking for a seasonal or temporary job in a great place, the following employers are interested in you. Keep in mind, each has varied accommodations; some have RV spaces, some offer private rooms, and others have rentals nearby. Are you ready for your encore career?” It’s from the website (which posts interesting seasonal and part-time jobs)