Hopefully you remember Rick’s and my amazing adventures a few years ago living in Africa and working for TechnoServe in economic development. Here is your chance to get the full story: From Silicon Valley to Swaziland, How One Couple Found Purpose and Adventure in an Encore Career, which is now available at Amazon. And by buying the book you will help alleviate poverty in Africa and Latin America because all royalties will go to TechnoServe to continue their work in “Business Solutions to Poverty.”

We wrote this book to entertain our readers, but also to inspire and inform our fellow baby boomers and others who are thinking about moving into a more socially beneficial career. Our theme is that you can have fun and adventure while saving the world.

So please read the book and support the cause. You can do this by:

  • First, buy the book at Amazon (or other online retailers) in either paperback or electronic version (that was obvious).
  • Write a favorable review on Amazon.
  • Email all your friends and tell them to buy the book (or buy it for them).
  • Get your book club to read and discuss the book (Wendy will be happy to provide discussion questions and depending on city, Rick or Wendy might be available live or by Skype).
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  • Help build buzz if you blog or tweet—send them to our website to get more details.

Enjoy the book and remember that your purchase will help reduce poverty in the developing world.