Thank you all who have supported our book and us! With holidays fast approaching, most everyone is thinking about family gatherings and gift giving. Why not consider giving From Silicon Valley to Swaziland to friends and family? This gift is educational (AND entertaining), covering: travel in Africa, Boomers working and living in developing countries, and how to approach a “next chapter” in life. And author royalties are donated to TechnoServe, an amazing organization for which we worked in Africa. It’s a win-win!

We’ve received more publicity from articles on, PBS’ Next Avenue, and Ernst & Young. In the near future, Tisch College within Tufts University will feature an interview with Wendy in their newsletter and our book is reviewed in the next Tufts Alumni magazine. We are proud of the media coverage we’ve received to date and plan more over the next few months.

IMG_5976Also this year we’ve enjoyed giving book talks at libraries, Tufts Alumni, Rotary clubs, book stores, Google, and other groups—in the Bay Area, Boston and New York City. IN 2016 WE’D LOVE TO TALK TO YOUR BOOK CLUB, ORGANIZATION, OR COMPANY! We have a variety of presentations on our experiences as Boomers in Encore Careers scheduled in January and February 2016 in various Bay Area locations but would love to include your group!

Again, thank you for helping us successfully launch From Silicon Valley to Swaziland in 2015. Please buy our book through Amazon and any online book retailer, or at Books Inc. Mountain View and Palo Alto and Orinda Books. AND then review it.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!