We are so grateful for the interest in our book, its content, and us as local authors as we approach organizations and venues as well as social media to spread word! And certainly we are just at the beginning of our promotional efforts (see our Media Coverage to date!). Now, after my guest column on “My Encore Career in Africa” was posted on the website Sixty & Me and Boomer Café’s front page feature on us, it occurs to me how much creativity, skills, and experience all of us Baby Boomers and pre-Boomers need to share with the world! We are clearly the pioneer generation of not-sitting-in-rocking-chair since we are generally still healthy, intellectually curious, and mobile.

So let’s start hearing about YOUR thinking on retirement, second careers, volunteering, or adventure travel! What have you always wanted to do now that you have or are about to have more time? What subjects are you passionate about? What makes your blood boil or your heart smile? Is it important that you continue to make money? Do you have a travel bucket list? What’s at the top of that list? Do you want to spend time living somewhere else? Let’s start a dialogue about your encore career or volunteer goals or adventure travel AND how you can overcome the obstacles—including your own!—to your next chapter. Start talking to me, please!

P.S. Please buy our book for family and friends AND remember to write a review on Amazon. It really does help sales which in turn helps our contributions to TechnoServe’s Business Solutions to Poverty. And if you are part of a couple, both read and review it!