Please join us for our next book talk at Lafayette Public Library on Thursday, April 21 at 7:00 p.m. We hope to see of our East Bay friends who have not been able to attend our talks in the South Bay.  And please bring your friends and family!

It struck me as I was reading and listening about the latest brouhaha regarding the campaign antics, that 3 of the 5 Presidential candidates remaining—Hillary, Bernie, The Donald—are already Boomers and 1, John, will be in a couple of years. And we review presidential history, 10 out of 44 presidents were inaugurated at age 60 or older—Reagan being the oldest at 69—and the majority of the rest were age 50 and older.

whitehouse2016-1024x576To me that means that any of us Boomers with the stamina, thick skin and guts to deal with the politics could aspire to be the Leader of the Free World. That would be the ultimate Encore Career. Look how far the oldest of the group at 74 has come! And how many of us haven’t said that we could do a better job than the President?  What a way to leverage all one’s skills, expertise, and experience!

And please note that our May 2, 2016 book talk at the Cupertino Public Library has been promoted in the local eNews Please invite friends and family to join us there.