Intl Women's DayLast week was International Women’s Day. And to reflect that, TechnoServe, the organization for which Rick and I worked in Africa,  gave a webinar to kick off their Gender Initiative.  This will reinforce and expand the many women-focused activities TechnoServe has completed or are already under way.

Both of these got me thinking about how we Boomer women might seek opportunities to help other women in our communities and across the world. Though many of us will not be working on international projects, our skills and experiences can benefit local women from challenged circumstances, through mentoring, educational scholarships, and other ways. As just one example, I will be speaking at a local P.E.O. group which has been Promoting Educational Opportunities for women internationally since 1869.  In a different direction, I just Googled “supporting women in bay area” and found organizations to help domestically-abused women (e.g., WOMAN Inc., MAITRI, etc.) and rape victims (e.g., Bay Area Women Against Rape), among many others.

In fact there are organizations geared for us Boomer women to make these kinds of contributions, such as The Transition Network and of course,  Many of us have been blessed with great opportunities and successful lives. Let’s help the generations of women just behind us to experience these same blessings, locally and across the world.

sunnyvale_boopsie_app_logo_smALSO you are invited to the Sunnyvale Public Library at 7:00pm on Wednesday, March 30, 2016 to hear our book talk. Please bring friends and family.