Share with friends who might be interested in finding a next chapter in life or just travels in Africa. We want boomers to make the world a better place. A free book contest is an easy way to encourage them:

  • A new book giveaway now going on until May 27 at The Celebrity Café that we hope will continue to raise visibility for our book From Silicon Valley to Swaziland: How One Couple Found Purpose and Adventure in an Encore Career.
  • A new book giveaway is now going on until May 27 at The Celebrity Café The eBook Giveaway Contest continues on the Library Thing website until 21 May. Just scroll down the homepage or search on us as authors or our book title. This is especially good for our international friends who can download onto their PCs and iPads too.

Also on May 4, the listing we put up at BeeZee Books went live and along with Microcerpt (search on the site for our book), are helping increase visibility for our book, particularly in Google search!

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