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 “…similar to other stories I’ve heard from folks committed to making things better in the world. But what’s different—and remarkable—is the level of commitment they made. They were there for almost 2 years and have made numerous trips back since…. What’s also different about this book is the level of detail offered, not just about the work they did and the accomplishments realized, but about what it was like for them on a daily basis… They spend a great deal of time and space informing the reader about the cultural aspects of the life there which, of course, provides a great deal more understanding to the challenges they faced in their work.”

*Also columnist for Next Avenue & contributor to MarketWatch, Huffington Post and Forbes; and has appeared on numerous TV and radio shows such as ABC’s “Good Morning America” and PBS Marketplace.

Bart Astor

Recognized expert in life’s transitions and eldercare, Author of the Washington Post Bestseller, AARP Roadmap for the Rest of Your Life.

For those seeking an encore to their professional lives, Rick Walleigh’s account of the adventure he and his wife, Wendy, began is as energizing as it is useful. This remarkable book summarizes the factors they considered before volunteering in Africa to foster economic growth through small business development. More importantly, it records their experience with cultural change, new applications for honed skills, the nature of contemporary economic development work in the face of poverty, and the sights, smells, surprises and encounters found in living and working overseas. This is not a “how-to” book for those of us wanting renewal; it is an “I did this and so can you” story that is unique, thought-provoking and encouraging.”

Ron Boring

Former Executive Vice President, Vodafone-Japan

“If you are nearing the end of your business career and wondering what’s next, you’ll find Rick and Wendy’s experience both illuminating and inspiring. By traveling far from their ‘comfort zone’ they were able to apply their business skills in a radically different context, contribute to economic development in the areas of Africa where they worked, and experience life-enriching adventures. “


Debra Dunn

Consulting Associate Professor, Former Senior Vice President, Stanford University, Hewlett Packard

“Many people, when nearing retirement, focus on planning the next cruise or, simply, hitting a few rounds of golf. But not Rick. With a keen desire to do good in the world and an insatiable taste for adventure, Rick (and his equally brave partner, Wendy) embarked on a post-retirement adventure in Africa that ultimately helped thousands of entrepreneurial men and women improve their livelihoods.”
Leslie Johnston

Executive Director, Argidius Foundation

“Rick and Wendy Walleigh are my down-to-earth heroes. At the end of Phase 1 of very successful careers–still healthy enough to spend their retirement days skiing, golfing, lunching, traveling in style–they chose instead to take their energy and considerable skills and apply them in some of the poorest communities in the world. And to do so in such a humble, practical, good-humored and roll-up-your sleeves way. They have both made the difference in the world that we might all aim to emulate. From Silicon Valley to Swaziland captures their journey. It’s both a wonderful story and sensible guide for others to follow. This book is a compelling call to a more fulfilling next chapter in life.”
Bruce McNamer

President & CEO, & Former CEO, The Community Foundation for the Nation's Capital Region (Washington DC) & TechnoServe

“From Silicon Valley to Swaziland is an inspiring story of a successful senior executive truly giving back through volunteering his services (with his wife) in South and East Africa. Rick Walleigh has combined decades of business experience, advising businesses to success, and his desire to apply those business solutions to decrease poverty in Africa. An incredibly insightful book into sustainable development through entrepreneurship. A great read!”


George Schutter

Chief Procurement Officer for District of Columbia and former Chief Financial Officer, The Peace Corps

“This inspiring book offers so many insights into what `young’ retirees (and we all know who we are) can do with good health, keen minds and energy, and the desire to help the world at least maintain if not progress…It is a study of `transitioning’ from a life of comfort to the colorful but struggling life in Africa and the joys of feeling the `make a difference’ that so many of us wish for in aiding world problems. It is…more of a journey, replete with excellent photographs and comments about philosophy and the memories of this adventure from their hearts, that makes this a book that deserves a very broad audience. Highly recommended.”
Grady Harp

Amazon Hall of Fame, Top 100 Reviewer, & Vine Voice

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