North America

Most of the Walleighs’ North American travels have been within the U.S., especially traveling to the East Coast since their children went to college and now live there. They have managed to spend time in almost all states except for a few in the middle of the U.S.—and only Rick has been to Alaska. They’ve vacationed in Canada for skiing, toured the Rockies, and spent a few days in Ontario Province. Then in Fall of 2013 they drove in Quebec Province from Quebec City to Niagara Falls as part of a road trip that also extended across New York State.

Rick’s Heli-Skiing in Alaska: Once in a Lifetime!

United States

In March 2006, Rick’s friends, the Burwens, persuaded him to join them Heli-Skiing in the Chugach Range near Valdez Alaska.  In essence, instead of taking a chairlift or tram to the top of a mountain to find fresh powder, 6 or 7 times per day he rode in a helicopter, which often landed on a […]

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