Ironically, the Walleighs have spent more time in Africa than Europe! Wendy’s first trips to Europe were during college. On our first trip to Europe together, Rick and Wendy drove our son and daughter around England then crossed the Channel by ferry to Paris. A few years later in 2004, our next European pleasure travel was to Barcelona and southern Spain. We each had many business trips (Wendy more than Rick), but on only one trip to Ireland were we actually there simultaneously. Our next Europe pleasure visit was to Turkey and Greece in 2010. In 2016, we traveled to Oxford and London, England; Edinburgh and across Scotland; then in a separate trip to Paris, Burgundy, Champagne Region, Normandy Coast and Loire Valley in France. We spent three weeks in 2017 in Eastern Europe: Prague (Czech Republic); a quick stop in Vienna (Austria); Budapest (Hungary); Slovenia and Croatia with day trips to Montenegro and Bosnia-Herzegovina. Europe remains a high priority for future trips!

Loire Valley–Famous for Chateaux & Formal Gardens

Our 2nd from last stop in France was the Loire Valley, famed for its Chateaux, elaborate gardens, historic towns, and vineyards AND as of 2000, the central valley is a UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Glorious Chateaux and Gardens. On our way to Amboise to meet 1 of the...